Porcupine Valley Farmstead – Revisited

I found my way back to the Porcupine Valley Farmstead the other day to show Cyndie and re-shoot its contents and exterior under the light of completely different season.  The mid-day Summer sun was high and bright which made for very harsh light.  The weeds were very overgrown all around the house which projected a green cast on the interior of this old place.  It was 98 degrees, the humidity ridiculously high and not even a faint breeze.  The house was very steamy.  The other motivational element was the couple hundred wasps buzzing about in the attic; a few popped out from the holes in the ceiling to say “hey.” Needless to say the stay was short but sweet.


5 Replies to “Porcupine Valley Farmstead – Revisited”

  1. I enjoyed these – always love to see old window photos! The nest is a cool find. And seeing the old pump in the last photo is interesting. Did you try to pump some water – just for fun?

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