June 2012 Revisited

Wheeew…it’s that time already.  Where did June go?  It was a great month for photography; there was beautiful weather, unlike the current situation of 90-100 heat with 70+ dew points.

This crazy-hot weather has given me a bit of a reprieve from the seemingly never-ending backyard garden construction though 🙂  The light is brighter at the end of the tunnel still – Cyndie and I accomplished a lot this month and the to do list is getting smaller.  Pergola is almost complete, two pathways to do and a couple of stone retaining walls are all that remain.  Can’t wait.

Over half of these were not posted yet as they were part of different projects or I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Here is my June recap with black and white conversions.  I think the bull and the gas station are my favorites.


4 Replies to “June 2012 Revisited”

  1. Great picks baby! So much texture and life in your images. Watching that bull poke its head out of that barn and knowing what a strong image it would make… you captured him well 🙂

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