Nature’s Fireworks

After several days of humidly-heated days some relief came.  A sizable front move through late yesterday evening just North the town I live in.  The cloud to cloud lightening was incredible.  The flicker show went on for a couple of hours.  Realizing this may be a perfect opportunity to finally get some lightening shots, Cyndie and I quickly loaded up and headed out.  Across the river and through the woods to a hilltop on high in Wisconsin we stood.   I shot about 100 frames of 30-60 second exposures.  The light show was amazing to say the least; it was about 11:45 p.m.  when the bolts busted through the cloud bank from the tail end of the front as it went by.

90% of the shots where at 100 ISO – F2.8 @ 17mm.


8 Replies to “Nature’s Fireworks”

  1. Hey thanks for the camera settings… cool set. Still not sure about being on a high point with no cover and approaching LIGHTNING storm. But what the heck you’re a professional 🙂
    Or “hey honey you mind pressing that button while I wait in the car”

  2. Well I’m just speechless! These are so awesome!! So glad that you stopped by my blog so that I could find you! So…Manual focus…100 ISO…WOW…I’m getting my first ultra-wide lens next week..Toquina 12-24mm and I’m pretty excited, but a little intimidated…NOW I’m even MORE intimidated 🙂

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