Cannon River Kayaking

We just returned home from a wonderful 5 hours of kayaking 10 or so miles of the Cannon River.  There were lots of tubes, canoes, and a few other kayaks on the water.  The really nice a peaceful stretch is down river from Welch village (the end point for the tubers).  The last five miles consisted of complete peace and quiet.  Several juvenile Bald Eagles were flying overhead.  The Goldfinches, Kingfishers and Killdeers were plentiful and fun to watch as well.

We started out at the Miesville Ravine County Park (one of the drop off site for Welch Mill Canoeing & Tubing) and ended at the bridge on Hwy 61.  There are a lot of dead tree in the water, but nothing that you can’t paddle around.  The water level was good too, although I would have to think some areas are shallower now than before with all of the bank erosion.  There was one spot down river from Hidden Valley Campground that was narrow with a huge tree in the water.  You can stop and walk around it easy enough; other than that is was smooth kayaking.  It was a great way to spend the better part of the day.  Here are a few shots from the trusty point-and-shoot…no DSLR on the kayaks…not ready to attempt that yet.


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