Cannon River – Welch to Hwy 61

Well…this kayaking thing is pretty fun.  It does resemble backroadin’ a lot; which is likely part of the reason I enjoy it so much.  I can only guess that it is extremely hard to have a bad time as I have yet to have one.  Last Friday morning I headed out to Welch with my buddy Doug.  It was time to rub some dirt on his new kayak and scuff up the hull a bit.  After the initial acclimation instance (minor flip over situation and the subsequent chasing down of a dry box and paddle downriver) we made our way away from Welch Village and toward  the Hwy 61 bridge.

This is the quiet and relaxing stretch, devoid of tubers, but not of all their trash.  We came upon a shallow spot – a sandbar of sorts I guess, that was covered in aluminum beer and soda cans (last two photos).  It wasn’t just a few either – the Cannon River has trash all up and down it.  Some of it from tubers/canoe’s/kayaker’s and some just from flood water carrying things around I suppose.  At any rate it looks very unsightly.  It would be wonderful if someone would implement an adopt a river program similar to the adopt a highway one.  A little bit of effort would go a long way.  Perhaps the rental establishments in that area would provide the watercraft for volunteers to retrieve this debris…hmmm.  Welch Mill does have ample receptacles at the landing for you to dispose of your trash.  There just isn’t a receptacle for stupid on the river though.

Shortly after garbage sandbar we were treated to a Bald Eagle sitting on the river bank.  I was able to get very close; at the very last moment before it took off, I was about 12′ from it.  By “took off” I mean that it hopped away from the river bank.  It was hard to tell if it was hurt or too full/heavy to fly or what the deal was exactly.   It was a pretty close encounter.  You never know what you are going to stumble upon out there.


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