Kayaking Cannon River – Hwy 61 to Hwy 35

With a wonderful Friday afternoon out in front of us – Doug and I decided to explore the Cannon, down-river from the Hwy 61 bridge.

Several kingfisher were darting about the river banks and there was a bald eagle perched in a tree around every bend.  Well…it was the same one that we kept moving along as we came into sight.  For the most part the only sounds were song birds, insects, the waters current as it cleared an obstacle and the occasional oar paddling.  We only ran into a couple of people fishing and that was early in the stretch.  It was absolutely gorgeous weather.

 Lots of trees down along this stretch and in the water.  There are many just below the surface that sneak up on you.  The driftwood and trash rafts were plentiful here.  We stumbled upon the usual artifacts – sunglasses and flip flops, but to my surprise…we even found the kitchen sink.  Even with the amount of trees in the water this was a great paddle.  The trees gave you something to paddle around and play with.  FYI – it isn’t a good idea to do the limbo with tree branches in your kayak.  I didn’t roll, but I listed enough to take on a very refreshing bit of water that stayed with me for the rest of the ride.  Oh yeah…see those orange dots on the map towards the top – that channel isn’t connected and there are sandbars throughout that track.  That section is mostly knee-deep mud with 6″ – 1′ of water on top.  It looks like some downed trees cut off the current on the one end and filled it in.  Next time I will head out to the main Mississippi channel at that point.


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