Water & Wieners

Double-good weekend; x2 for kayaking.  Cyndie and I took the wieners for a paddle on Saturday.  Strong swimmers they are not, but they ride mostly fine once they get that jumping out idea out of their heads.  Tindra and Audrey were all eyes on the shorelines of the WI Mississippi back channel, all ears for every bird tweet and call and nostrils flaring at all those interesting river smells.  It was a great couple-hours paddle and the girls certainly enjoyed their time on and off the water.  We had a short 10 minutes ride home afterward; I don’t think their eyes were open after the first five.  Lots of excitement makes the wieners tired.


4 Replies to “Water & Wieners”

  1. Love them all but my personal favorite is the one with cyndi in the boat with the wiener on the bow. Also the pano of the two wieners on the sand.

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