Sunrise – Lake Pepin – Maple Springs, MN

We could not have asked for a better morning to take in a sunrise.  Lots of clouds and wonderful color; the mist burning off was a lovely bonus.  Maple Springs, at the foot of Lake Pepin, is an excellent place for a sunrise.  The wide expanse of water, bluffs, rocky shoreline and even the railroad tracks provide a great setting.

After our sunrise shoot we  went to the public access in Old Frontenac to look for beach treasure.  Nothing much to speak of really, but Cyndie found a big ‘ol shiny rock to tote home (last photo :-)).  We drag all kinds of artifacts home from out travels; mostly interesting rocks to work into the landscaping.


13 Replies to “Sunrise – Lake Pepin – Maple Springs, MN”

  1. The way you capture what we see on our outings always surprise me; every detail catches your eye/ These images are incredible. Beautiful sunrise, what better way to start a morning doing what you love.

  2. Thanks Dan for the post…. really like the leading lines for the rails shot. Major props for the 2 boat and mist comps. “Gotta get me some color” in my sunrise and sunset shots…. thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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