Chippewa River – Low & Fast.

Another 2x kayaking weekend – woohoo!  Cyndie and decided to check out the Chippewa River.  Our in/out point was off of Hwy 35 just East of Pepin, WI.  There is a nice landing just East of the bridge.  The right side of the first island up from the bridge is hardly navigable (most of the way); we quickly turned around an opted to go around the other side.   The water was very shallow which made paddling in this swift current rather difficult, hence the very short up-river paddle.  There are plenty of sandbars on this river to stop and rest at and take in the beautiful scenery.  The eagles really like these shallow tributaries to the Mississippi; at the furthest point North that we went, there were no less than a dozen eagles flying about and hanging out on the shoreline.  There were another dozen of so down by the railroad trestle.  As you can see by the map, we didn’t make if very far.  It was a lovely day with great weather and big white poofy clouds filled the sky.

I think our next trip to the Chippewa will be coordinated with Will ‘n’ Jill’s Great Adventures.  They offer a shuttle to two points up river:  Ella, WI (8 mile run) and Durand, WI (15 mile run).    They also rent tubes, kayaks and canoes.  They also offer outings on Lake Pepin.  Reservations are highly appreciated.

Will ‘n’ Jill’s Great Adventures
210 Lake Street, Suite #3
Pepin, WI 54759


2 Replies to “Chippewa River – Low & Fast.”

  1. As always… excellent. DId you have to go play by yourself? I’ve always wanted to see where that river comes out on the Mississippi.

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