PSB – Photographers in the Mist

The sunrise looking out over the Weaver bottoms was absolutely beautiful.  This wasn’t my first choice of locations for the shoot, but rather an afterthought – a quickly formulated audible to the morning playbook after looking out over the original destination 3 miles up the road on Cty Rd 26.

We started our day extra-double-super-duper early (that’s a titch before 4 a.m.).  We readied ourselves and packed our gear whilst guzzling our morning brew.  After meeting up with a fellow RWPC photography, Jeff Marcus, at 4:45 a.m. our course was set for Weaver, MN.  We arrived at the overlook on Cty Rd 26 – just a bit West of the river and Hwy 61 – plenty early.  The first morning’s light was arriving and the view of the fog in the valley was epic.  The angle just wasn’t optimal for sunrise and the fog would likely be more of a hindrance as this level.  We all agreed that this would be the place for some hopefully fantastic post-sunrise shots.  We were correct.  It was PSB, a.k.a Post Sunrise Bliss!

This area is one of my favorites in Southeast Minnesota.  The Whitewater river valley is very picturesque.   Hwy 74 from Weaver to Elba parallels the Whitewater River the whole distance.  The scenery is fantastic and the opportunities to see wildlife are almost guaranteed.   How much wildlife you see depends greatly on the amount of vehicle traffic.  This morning was busy for some reason or other, but we saw a good bit.  The Sandhill’s are in the area now and the waterfowl will be moving into this sanctuary very soon.

A great sunrise and epic fog; the day was just beginning!  After making our way to Elba and a quick pit stop at the local convenience store, we were on our way to Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park.  A few other RWPC photographers were taking part in the photography cave tour this same morning.


5 Replies to “PSB – Photographers in the Mist”

  1. The travels of the morning were well worth this early morning rise. The much needed coffee (thanks for packing 3 thermoses full) helped as we drove the distance. Mind blowing images honey… and yes, the fog in that valley was epic!

  2. I love mist, fog, storms,clouds any kind of drama in the skies. My friends that do not understand photography say to me on the brightest washed out day ” isn’t this a great day to take pics” I just smile and think of your super shots 🙂

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