Weaver, MN to Forestville, MN

After the back to back spectacular sunrise and fog shoots we headed for Forestville.  A course loosely plotted in my head and certainly subject to change.

We drove through a tiny little town called Saratoga – population:  very few.  There we were greeted with a “Save Your Seed” sign on the side of house badly in need of some paint.  Just across the way Cyndie spotted an old run down building – the Old Saratoga Creamery.  We didn’t get much time to shoot as we were quickly shooed away by a neighbor of the property.

There is nothing like a road closure to mix up your plan a bit.  We managed and found  a different route to Forestville.  Along the way we found a couple neat barns and some wildlife.  Two of my favorites subjects.  Forestville itself was just o.k.  The one gentleman playing the part of the town folk was a titch crabby for my taste; I suspect it stems from his day-long conversations with chickens.  I think one of the best shots of the day was here, but had nothing to do with the historic little town.  A young lass in hip boots and floppy hat came wadding by under the old iron bridge fly fishing for trout.  I am pretty happy with the black & white photo of her.

It got to be mid day, the sun was high and the temperature was rising –  as was the hunger of the group.  We headed into near-by Preston for a bit to eat and exchange accounts of our very different morning shoots.

With full belly’s we headed off to Lanesboro to walk around a bit.  The hustle and bustle of this popular town was in full swing.  Hikers, bikers, and tubers oh my.  They were everywhere.  With the Root River running through the area, it draws tons of tourist.  It’s really a beautiful area and one of my favorites in SE Minnesota.  Cyndie and I were here last in March when we backroadin’ through the area for two days (day 1 & day 2).

Time sure flies when you are having fun.  It was almost late afternoon and time to head for home.  I am not one for direct routes, especially when there is time.  Cyndie and I looked over the Minnesota Gazetteer and plotted a course for home on roads we haven’t been on.  This is becoming more of a challenge each time.  As luck would have it – as it consistently happens, we ran across a two abandoned farmsteads.  The first was disappointing and the outbuildings were still in pretty good shape.  The second appeared more promising, but I stayed roadside on a chance that the deer that just crossed the road behind us would head my way; they never showed up.  The very last encounter was with a very old school house or church – perhaps both.  I can’t wait to get back to it once the corn is picked.

Another great road trip!


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