The story behind the images

I’ve been meaning to introduce my partner in life & photography for some time now, but have neglected to do so until now.  Without further ado I would like to acquaint you all with Cyndie’s photo blog – Find the Beauty.  I am looking forward to her upcoming posts from our travels over the last several months.

She see’s things (most of them shiny) that others, including myself, pass by without much notice.  Her keen eye for light and details amazes me.  She is, in a sense, super photographer woman; although shorter in stature, she has the amazing ability to leap through the first story window of an abandon home in a single bound (and before you have closed your car door :-))

She is the single-best thing to come into my life.  To say she is a ray of sunshine would be an understatement; there is always laughter, smiles or both.  I am grateful for all of the inspiration and encouragement she has given me.  It is absolutely wonderful being with someone who shares your passions in life and I am ever-thankful for her.

If you enjoy my blog you are sure to enjoy hers as well.  Check her out @ Find the Beauty.


8 Replies to “The story behind the images”

    1. Thanks honey… for I am one lucky woman 🙂 As for the short stature; I would have to agree that good things come in small packages (it also does not hinder our jumping capabilities).

  1. I cannot agree more Dan. Cyndie has been an inspiration for a lot of us that have gotten to know her. She’s a leader that I gladly follow, a friend that I can call, A non-judgemental ear that listens, and a hoot to be around. You two are made for each other and I love seeing you two when you’re together.

  2. I so look forward to your photos, it will be even sweeter to see Cyndie’s also. You guys make a great couple. Keep the photo’s coming

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