Eau Claire County Abandoned

Luck was with us once again on our travels to and from Augusta, WI last Sunday.  It was a double good find once again.  Two abandoned farmsteads.  These two had some character and wonderful light.

We barely covered the whole county and I am sure there are even more in the area.  There were several coop farms along our route.  Lots of coop farms usually means there is a very good chance that there will be other abandoned farmsteads in the vicinity.  That’s been my experience anyway.

We actually ran into a third but the day was getting on, the sun was going down and we were tired.  There is always next time.


13 Replies to “Eau Claire County Abandoned”

  1. This series of photos are some of your best yet. The light and angles and small details. You are a talented photographer and I’m thrilled to call you my friend and mentor. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dan and Cyndie, do you feel the spirits of the folk who have lived in these places? I do, in empathy, when I look at the images you’ve made. There is a pride in what has been created, and yet a sadness that it has not endured. It is a mixed blessing to visit and commune with them at a later point in time.

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