Pelican Hunting

Not exactly hunting in the “pow pow – bang bang” sense, but we where surely looking to shoot them.

It’s that time of year – Fall is approaching fast.  It is my favorite time of year.  The cooler weather is definitely a plus in my book, although Cyndie might disagree with my assertion.  Crisp mornings and beautiful sunrises at a more reasonable hour are hard to beat.  I hope the leaves manage some color this year and hang in there for a bit.  It’s been so dry; I fear they are just going to turn brown and drop.

Synonymous with the Fall season is the great bird migration back down the Mississippi fly way.  It is quite a spectacle at times when the huge flocks move through.  Currently there are pelicans and egrets in our area.  A skittish lot they both are; the egrets more so than the pelicans.  It can be tough to get close and when you do they start to retreat.   Those bird butt photos are not terribly interesting in my opinion.

We scanned the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin looking for the birdies when our path brought us near.  There were a few smaller groups of pelicans around Maiden Rock that we were able to capture.  There was a massive squadron just out from Bay City around the head of Lake Pepin.  They were well out of range unfortunately.

Cyndie and I spent the better part of Friday afternoon driving around the Wisconsin countryside.  We found our way to a few favorite minimum maintenance roads, managed a stop at an orchard and generally enjoyed the gorgeous afternoon.


3 Replies to “Pelican Hunting”

  1. Crisp mornings and beautiful sunrises at a more reasonable hour are definitely hard to beat. With the cold weather approaching fast, I am grateful to have you by my side warming my cold little fingers. Great captures of the birds (even though I ended up scaring them away).

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