Hwy 48 Wisconsin Abandoned Revisited; Closer Look

We originally ran accross this property last March while backroadin’ to Rice Lake, WI.  Time was short that day and we had to pass it up.  We were in the area again this last weekend and decided to take a closer look.

The wonderful wooden silo first caught my eye the last time we passed on by.  You don’t see many of those anymore.  This was the first one I had seen in my travels and since then I have only seen one other.  This site is full of wonderful old wood.  It is too bad the barn is no longer standing.  There are a few other out-buildings and a house.  Most of the time when  you run into places like this everything is a complete mess.  Broken windows, garbage strewn about and clear signs of vandalism.    I’m am glad that this place has been left to naturally fall apart on its own.  This property, although no longer occupied or seeming in use, is well maintained.


3 Replies to “Hwy 48 Wisconsin Abandoned Revisited; Closer Look”

  1. I am so glad we got to revisit this farmstead and wooden silo. This wooden silo has so much character… as do you. I love reflections off the windows and the signs (didn’t even see those 🙂

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