Rice Lake, WI to Red Wing, MN

We were in Rice Lake at a 60th birthday celebration last weekend.  I very much enjoy that area of Wisconsin and the areas surrounding Hwy 48 West of Rice Lake (which I have photographed a few times now).  We took the opportunity this trip to further investigate the abandoned site with the wooden silo.  The farm/greenhouse that used old rusty cars as flower planters was interesting as well.

True to form and with almost every experience we have out on the country back roads – we found another site; this one was in the middle of a cornfield.  Cyndie spotted the lone silo in the middle of the cornfield and noticed the road leading to it.  I’ve come to recognize the non-audible signals she offers – there wasn’t any mistaking the signal at this moment and a minute later we were in the middle of a cornfield in the high grass.  The number of grasshoppers were amazing as we took a little break in our new-found solitude from the already calming country road.  It seemed as good a time as any to let the wiener’s stretch their little legs and perhaps fire up the Tootsie roll machine.

There was only one outbuilding and a small barn left of this farmstead.  The small barn was barely visible through the overgrowth of trees and tall grass.  Its contents were typical – old window frames, a stove and a plethora of various animal droppings.  What I love most about these buildings is the character of the wood and the interesting light that seeps in through windows, doorways and the cracks in the wood along the sides and ceiling.

We actually ran into some real and very alive swans.  On an outing this past April we thought we had spotted some swans on a small pond until after several frames and closer proximity revealed to us that they were decoys.  That was a hilarious realization.  I can’t seem to locate the photos of that blunder; perhaps I deleted them out of embarrassment.


2 Replies to “Rice Lake, WI to Red Wing, MN”

  1. The sites we see along the countryside are never the same… I love the character in the pieced-together metal barn #128. I am glad you have come to notice my non-audible signs baby… Although, I think a small soft noise might escape my mouth at that time as well 🙂 Again, I am always amazed by how you capture your images.

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