The Importance of Photography

I was cleaning out my inbox this a.m. and ran across this video sent to me by a good photographer friend.  I hope to be in a situation at some point in my existence to capture a moment in time as amazing and significant as those in the video.

My friend wrote about this video in his email:

If you’ve ever wondered the importance, even the significance of photography and why we try to hone our craft and become better than we are today, after seeing this video, you may come to realize that it’s not about composition or exposure.  It’s not about getting the best settings for a prize-winning image.  It’s about capturing and forever memorializing moments in time.  Sure, many of our pictures might just be casual memories of vacations or even beautiful sunrises, but once in a while, with your camera in hand, you might capture something much bigger – life.
Watch this video.  I hope it has a profound affect on you and a renewed excitement knowing that you’re part of a very important component of life….recording it, 1/250 seconds at a time.

The World’s Most Powerful Photographs


4 Replies to “The Importance of Photography”

  1. Truly important video… had to watch it twice with tears in my eyes. Not sure I cold take some of these touching and powerful images… thanks so much for the post!!

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