Ellendale, ND (Area) Abandoned Farmstead

The last farmstead of the day was near Ellendale and the Tatanka Wind Farm.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  The light cast out by the setting sun was fantastic.  All the dust in the air for harvesting corn added a nice effect across the landscape.

This place had some real character; more so around the grounds than in the tiny house.  The tulip wall paper that covered the pink walls wasn’t much of an improvement 🙂  The little Allis Chalmers in between the house and a shed made for an interesting subject to photography as well.  This was a great spot to finish out our day.


3 Replies to “Ellendale, ND (Area) Abandoned Farmstead”

  1. The way that the setting sun was casting shadows on this place was an incredible site to see; a great end to our day. The way you captured the light spilling across the land and buildings adds a sense of tranquility to this otherwise run-down farmstead. My favorite- the little tractor staring you in the face 🙂

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