Binford, ND (Area) Abandoned Farmstead

After some much-needed rest in Jamestown, we set out on day two of our North Dakota abandoned hunt.  The Jamestown Reservoir provided for some lovely early a.m. scenery as we meandered away from the populated city and into the vast and open country of North Dakota.

There were numerous wetlands as we made our way west of the reservoir.  Some of which were not so wet, but extremely or completely dry altogether.  There wasn’t a shortage of wildlife despite these dry conditions.  There were still plenty of areas that still held water along with your typical fowl for this time of year.  Although this isn’t consider prime pheasant country, I was a bit disappointing that I only saw one the whole time.

With this type of scenery between abandoned farmsteads the miles just fly by.  I have several photos of all the points between here and there of this trip that will soon become our North Dakota Safari post.

We stumbled on this farmstead out in the middle of nowhere near Binford.  This must have been a musical household as there were sheet music strewn about the place.  There was also remnants of a piano at the bottom of a heap of yesteryear.  There was also a skeleton of an acoustic guitar on the second level surround by more sheet music.

Troy Larson and Terry Hinnekamp  of Ghost of North Dakota have a book project; if you are interested in abandoned buildings, history and photography please consider contributing to their effort.


5 Replies to “Binford, ND (Area) Abandoned Farmstead”

  1. It is always interesting seeing what was left behind in these places. This house was another amazing find and the way that you captured its personality… perfection!

  2. I love these photographs, the venture of an Urbex they shout to me! Its many people dream to have a field day with an area like this and from what I can see in your work it looks like you have really enjoyed yourself! Well done and thank you for this brilliant post!

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