Foggy Rainy Day

It was a misty and foggy day in Red Wing.  A perfect day to not rush anything; just sip coffee, mill around town a bit and enjoy the morning.  No Saturday a.m. is complete without stopping by the local farmer’s market.  There are still plenty of fresh vegetables there, but a loaf of tasty something-or-other was in order from The Grateful Bread.

The Fall Festival of Art is this weekend (Sat & Sun) and Red Wing was buzzing right away this a.m. with artist setting up their booths and displaying their wares.  The on and off sprinkles did not make for optimal browsing weather – tomorrow should be nicer.

Red Wing Shoe Company is having their 1st annual tent sale.  Awesome deals to be had there.  I added two pair of boots to my collection, but no luck on cold weather boots for Cyndie 😦  Fall is in full-gear and Winter will be here soon :-/


After we departed the tent sale we witnessed a boat tangling with some power lines while being transported through town.   Traffic was hosed up for a while – it was already slow due to the art festival.  When the boat hit the wires, they popped from the poles and building along a two block stretch.  That didn’t look like any fun.

Much to do.  Falling behind on photo processing.  Two shoots from last weekend to do yet.  Busy busy busy as usual.  Since we were already out and about we decided to shoot some more.  The foggy, misty day served up a variety of opportunities.  Life is good.  Happy weekend.


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