Time for seat of our pants

Do you ever read the spam comments before you clear them out?  I must admit I do not do so on a regular basis.  From time to time I will glance over them and muddle through mostly extremely poor grammar and broken English.  This recent one was somewhat entertaining so I thought I would share.

I’ve taken the liberty of high-lighting some phrases I found amusing.



Desert Safari After another day relaxing and keeping cool in the hotel pool, it was time for seat of our pants, sand in your face, desert Safari. The Toyota Land Cruiser picked us up from the hotel and whisked us off through the never ending messy under developed back end of Dubai. We passed unfinished shopping and housing complexes, an unfinished theme park and roads that blurred into the dusty landscape before charging down the modern Dubai Hatta highway. A short stop at tiny outpost in the middle of nowhere to let some air out of the Land cruiser tyres and we made our way to an exit off the highway on to the soft red sand where we congregated with over 4×4’s before charging off in to the evening sun across the desert like a modern Lawrence of Arabia . Bombing around dune bashing lasted about an hour, which was fine but after 20 minutes one dune looked like another dune and the thought of authentic Arabian food and drink at an authentic Bedouin camp played tricks on our mind, little oasis appeared on the horizon images of food cooking on a spit and a cold can of beer floated on the sand like ships on water but that’s all they were, mirages. We eventually stopped at our Authentic Bedouin camp, with the obligatory camel and go-cart track. We sat around the stage on mats, around us was buy me t-shirts, your name in the sand and stuffed camel cuddly toys, the drinks were free but the beer was a bank loan, I bought a small can of beer, it was like finding water in the middle of the desert, it was the best beer ever, even though it tasted like something the camel had done earlier. Our Land cruiser took us home, it was late in the night, and the whole safari lasted about 6 hours, well worth the money just to stand in the middle of the bright red desert in the evening light.


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