Foggy Fall Morning

A lovely Fall morning indeed.  I love waking up any morning and seeing fog.  I am especially fond of the moody and atmospheric feel that fog can bring to a scene.

Cyndie and I went for a drive this morning to take in all the misty wonderful.  We stumbled upon a wonderful driveway lined with trees on either side; they held some beautiful color even in the fog.

Spooky tree was a great scene as well.  I wish we had made it there a bit sooner though.  We know exactly where it is as now and will be able to go directly to it on the next fog day.

The fog held in there until just before noon and gave us plenty of opportunities.  It was time to head back to Red Wing and hit the farmer’s market.  The Grateful Bread was calling.  A few delicious yum yums every Saturday for multiple weeks in a row now; it’s officially a habit.


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