It is all about 12

december12Today is 12-12-12, the last major numerical date for almost another century. The next time three numbers will align as they did on 9-9-09, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 will be on Jan. 1, 3001, or 1-1-1.

Some have the delusion that numbers have a power over events, but they don’t. Just because it’s 12-12-12 doesn’t mean anything will happen. It would happen anyway.

If you really want to hype up the day, focus on the time as well.  12:12:12,12/12/12 & 12 days before Christmas.  oooOOOOooo, now that is freaky freaky.  What were you doing today at 12:12:12?

These occurrences, just like photography, are flashes of time in an ongoing existence; they will never be repeated again.  In my mind, so-called special days like this, serve as a reminder to get out there and capture my world.  You should not need a reminder as every new day is unique and special and will never be repeated again – no matter its digits.


12 months in a year.

12 hours on a clock face.

12 inches in a foot.

12 strikes to bowl a perfect game.

12 people have walked on the moon.

12 face cards in a deck.

12 days of Christmas.

12 apostles of Jesus.

12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

12 jurors in felony trials.

12 signs of the Zodiac.

12 pairs of ribs in most humans.

Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer


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