My 12-12-12

It was a day like most others, except for the large quantity of snot I’ve been dealing with these last couple of days.  Back on the sick train…again.  Grrrr.  My 12-12-12 started out very routine-like; the same as any other week day.  Get up, get coffee, and get moving.

I noticed “the sign” again today.  I had almost completely forgotten about it as it’s been so long and I changed my commute route because of it.  There is an old joke about two seasons in Minnesota – Winter and road construction.  It’s now Winter, but before long, another season of road construction will be upon us.  This project started in 2011… I don’t recall the season.  2014…long project.

I don’t mind going through downtown St. Paul on my way to work.  There are usually all sort of unique and interesting individuals milling about.  The recent storm has blanketed everything in a thick layer of snow.  It has also left an annoying layer of formidable ice that tosses you to and fro while driving.

It seems like forever since I’ve went out with express purpose of shooting some pics, so today I snapped a few on my way to and back from work.  Nope, nothing out of the ordinary on this twelve twelve twelve day.   I guess the real test of days is only 9 more away.  Can’t wait to see what wild and crazy stuff happens then 🙂


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