Happy New Year

Cyndie and I [and the wieners] were on the road again, further North this time, to celebrate the coming new year.  Apparently all the eating and drinking was not complete.  We were right on 9th Crow Wing lake just outside of Akeley, MN in Hubbard County.  The ice fishing is pretty good most of the time.  Several yummy Walleye’s were hooked and prepared to be cooked.  A few Northern Pike graced our tip-up lines as well.  Cyndie caught herself a nice lil baby pike.  They grow quite big in this lake as they are managed for trophies.

We woke up one morning to hoar frost.  It was a spectacular view on and around the lake.  We decided to take a little drive and take in all the sparkles; sparkle it did indeed.  The conifers look as though they had all been flocked.  The last time we had experienced hoar frost was Feb 4th of last year on our way to an equine event.

We were also treated to a couple wonderful winter sunsets.  It is truly beautiful country.  Happy New Year everyone!


9 Replies to “Happy New Year”

  1. Another great holiday spent with my honey-pie 🙂 Beautiful country indeed and the hoar frost was a special surprise. My favorite (next to the HUGE Northern) is 013. Serene and peaceful are the words I can use to describe that image. Great job… As always.

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