Round Trip to Lamberton

The path from Red Wing to Lamberton is long.  From the bank of the Mississippi River to the Southwest plains.  There were several towns in between here and there filled will all sorts of interesting things to photograph – New Ulm, St. Peter and Sleepy Eye to name a few.  We left early and allowed for some exploration, but we still had an arrival time to hit and winter days light only last so long.

One thing I noticed immediately in this neck of the woods (expansive fields actually) where the A.C.O. tile silos and block barns.  There were a number of them adorned with Adophy Casimir Ochs initials.   I have only seen a few silos that looked like these; not A.C.O.’s either, but very much the same.  There are so many in the area because Adophy Casimir Ochs located his brick  and tile company in Springfield, MN.  I have seen photos of these silos in North Dakota; that is quick a distance and likely an expensive rail transport in the day of dirt roads.

These hollow-tile silos are made of hollow, hard burned or glazed tile blocks reinforced typically by iron bands that fit into the mortar between the blocks or in grooves made in them.  With properly glazed block, air and moisture is not an issue.  The hollow space in the blocks protected the contents against extreme temperatures.

These silos and barns are magnificent structures standing the test of time and they elements.

Here are the photos from out trip.



2 Replies to “Round Trip to Lamberton”

  1. I was so lucky and comforting to have you by my side for this trip. The small Southwestern Minnesota towns brought back memories of yesteryear. These images capture the feeling of these small towns… Great job baby 🙂 It was very nice that we were graced with that beautiful sunset on the way home; I love how you captured the clouds in the images!

  2. Southwestern Minnesota is the place of my heart, the place where I grew up, the place I’ll always love. I know this route well and have photographed sites along the way often.

    Your photos are stunning, absolutely stunning.

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