Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #6

In an effort to shoot more; shoot more often, my backup camera has become an extension of hands.  I try not to leave it at home and am successful most days.  You never know when the clouds are going to form up just so or when the light is going to be amazing.  You never know when you are going to see something interesting, amazing or even disturbing.  Last week I saw someone on their phone looking at Pintrest @ 60 mph on I94 in crappy weather on slippery roads.  And other times, it is just capturing the everyday.

These days I am usually always caring my Nikon D60 with the kit lens 18-35 mm or my new 18-270 mm (thank you honey) set to auto ISO with a minimum shutter of 1/60 sec.  I am usually able to get the shot if it isn’t too dark or something isn’t moving too fast.  I like to shoot right from the car.  I try not to be moving if at all possible, but sometimes the shoot isn’t standing still.  I just point it out the window and hope I get it.  9 times out of 10 I get what I was looking for.  Auto ISO is a handy setting.  If it is dark you get some grain, but that doesn’t concern me much as it usually adds to the photography.


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