Where hangovers form in the frozen North

When Cyn and I where up in Northern Minnesota this last weekend taking in some sites and hanging out with friends, we spent a few hours at the International Eelpout Festival in Walker, Mn.  This has been the tradition for several years now.  Eelpout are very ugly fish, but not half-bad tasting.  I usually get a serving of  pout nuggets.  You can follow that up with cheese curds, mini doughnuts, or any number of other fair-like foods.

There are some constants, but every year you see something a little different from the year before.  The people watching if phenomenal.  The consumption was staggering; I can’t even imagine the volume consumed over that weekend.  Hangovers for many no doubt.

There are several photo’s on-line of this huge event in Northern Minnesota.  Here are the few snapshots I grabbed while we were there.


11 Replies to “Where hangovers form in the frozen North”

  1. Thanks for this, Dan! We have a cabin not far from there, but it’s not winterized and I don’t think we’ve ever been there at this particular time of year. Maybe we should plan it for next year!

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