Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #10

Another interesting week in photography and weather.  It is a crazy time of year; this transitional weather certainly affords a certain level of variety.  Huge dump of snow early in the week, hoar frost and fog mid-week and now rain at the tail-end of the week.  The rain will turn to snow,  ice, or both here shortly because that’s just the way it works around here this time of year.


6 Replies to “Assorted Photos – 2013: Week #10”

  1. Dan,
    Your images are incredibly beautiful! I love the shots of the water and the leading line of the irrigation system. Sure glad I’m in the South and not in that freezing cold!
    Tari Federer

  2. Another week of beautiful images honey! One of my favorites… 10 004- The irrigation system appears to go on and on… Great capture. The sunrise mixed in with the nasty weather can create a mix of wonder, all of which you captured!

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