Weekend Afternoon Drive

This Winter weather is holding fast even though we have had a couple of warm-ish snaps.  Any day now the big melt will begin; I can’t wait.  I’ve had enough of Winter, snow, cold, ice, shoveling, lengthy commutes, etc.

Despite all I listed above, Winter is one of my favorites times of year to shoot.  Creating black and white images during this time of year can be both challenging and rewarding.  It is a time of the year to really focus on composition, detail and light.  Some days, like today, the light is really flat.  Overcast skies and no glint of sunlight poking through anywhere.

Cyn and I went for an afternoon drive last weekend.  We did a loop from Red Wing to Lake City and back again.  Frontenac State Park has some wonderful views of the bluffs in Wisconsin towering over Hwy 35.  I really like the detail in the trees against the snow-covered bluff as a backdrop.  You can really make out the contours of the valley slopes.


3 Replies to “Weekend Afternoon Drive”

  1. As always, a very nice series. I think my top two fav’s. The river with ice and the door knob but then again, It was hard to choose.

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