16:9 is an aspect ration for more than television and computer monitors.  It is a nice and interesting departure from the likes of 4:3 and it has quickly become my go to crop ratio; both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) orientations.  I’ve grown a new appreciation for 1:1 & 12:6 (2:1) lately as well.  Here is a great article on The Are of Using Aspect Ratios in Digital Photography.

We were leaving Red Wing yesterday morning on our way to shoot swans and were presented with an opportunity.  It was exactly sunrise as we crossed the Cannon River.  When you have nice color and clouds, there is no questions – stop and shoot it; so we did.  Here are my shots composed entirely in 16:9 both vertical and horizontal.  What I like most about the 16:9 vertical, with a wide-angle lens, is the sense of depth you can convey.  12:6 would deeper yet.  I will have to play around with that as well.


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