2013: Week #17 Photography

I am happy to report that we appear to be done with snow for the season…finally.  We’ve had a few nice days of warmer weather (70’s)…finally.  Looking ahead to next week though, it appears the mercury is recoiling to a lower stance on the thermometer.  This is one of the crazier Springs I can recall in my almost 40 years of existence.  I have been very busy with Spring cleaning this last week – digitally speaking anyway – since my recent epiphany.  It has been a slow photography week in the sense of acquiring more, but very active in reviewing what I have and purging a large amount of files.  I am not sure why I held on to so many shots.  I have reduced albums of 200+ shots to 20-30 total retain.  This bodes well for the backup schedule.

I did take a few minutes away from culling bad photos to capture the Pelican’s that were in my area last week.  Once 40 degrees went to 70 degrees in one day they were as good as gone.

2013 Week 16 006 2013 Week 16 017


6 Replies to “2013: Week #17 Photography”

  1. great shot! I for one should be doing the spring cleaning…someday maybe! good to hear your snow is gone…we had snow here last week, but I’m hoping it is done now?

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