The Travelers

These photos pre-date this photo blog.  It was August of 2011 and I had just bought my Nikon D7000.  I was heading North on my way out of town to drive some back roads when I saw three very interesting looking individuals walking along the service road adjacent to the highway.  I turned around to investigate further.  There were sitting in the median holding up a sign that made me snicker…Mc Hungry – Mc Broke – Not Lovin It!

It was obvious that they were looking for something to eat.  Our close proximity to the local McDonalds was perfect.  I approached them and asked If they would mind if I photographed them.  Since they were so welcoming of my solicitation I told them I would buy them all dinner.  All three had a story; of which I loosely recall as I was half-listening and snapping photo after photo.  There were simply “traveling” they said.  Looked like a rough way to go about it if you asked me.  I was even treated to a song.  Interesting characters they were.  I wish I could recall more of the details of our encounter.



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