It is a small world after all!

Sunshine Freckles Reunion 063It is a small world after all.   “Sunshine Freckles” was located with relative ease.  In just over 4 hours, a friend of a friend of a friend of a [well…you get the point] made the connection.  Social media has narrowed the gap between one another; at least one degree in this situation.  Five facebook friends between us.  As it turns out, Ms. Sunshine Freckles (Tracy), grew up in the town Cyndie and I live in.  Through a few message exchanges, I learned that she is also a photographer.  When I offered her the canvas likeness of her she enthusiastically accepted and stated,  “I’d love a rare photo of myself as I’m always the one holding the camera.”  I can relate to a degree.  You don’t typically see photos of photographers in action, but this is a favorite photography past time of mine.  I have a facebook album each year dedicated to just that and fill it with photos from various outings with other photographers.  This years album needs more photos.

Back to topic…I can get off on a tangent at times.

To round out this seek and find experiment, I thought it would be fun to take a picture of Tracy with the canvas.  She was on board with that plan and we meet at Harriet Island under the threat of a downpour for the photo-op.

Sunshine Freckles Reunion 080

 It is a small world after all.


6 Replies to “It is a small world after all!”

  1. Amazing what a short period of time it took to find Tracy. And those photos of the photographer with your photo are splendid, too. What a gift you have given Tracy. I can totally relate to the “never being in photos” bit.

  2. This is so neat that you found her. I know that you have wanted this to happen for a long time. She should be thrilled to have such a beautiful photo of herself. Congrats to you both.

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