2013: Week #20 Photography

It appears I lost a week between this on and two prior.  That’ll happen; especially this time of year.  The weather is beautiful and there is much to do.  Cyndie and I are back working on the yard project.  The late Spring has not allowed the time we had last year; we were working away late March in 2012.  Time is flying and June will be here in no time.  I am happy to say that the hammock patio is almost complete.  We spent some time in it yesterday afternoon and it works perfectly.

Spring has finally sprung.  The farmers have been in the fields planting away and  the birds are back in numbers singing their little hearts out.  It’s time to go enjoy the season some more, but first, here are a few shots from the past week.


5 Replies to “2013: Week #20 Photography”

    1. Cyndie had just moved the house; apparently it was in a poor location. It wasn’t hanging there 2 minutes and a wren was in it cleaning out the corn some critter had put in there. There was a good amount below the house. After a bit the wren would fly kernels away and drop them.

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