2013: Week #23 Photography

Blah rah ah ah Ah, Blah rah ah ah Ah, rain, rain, poo poo poo.  No not another Gaga hit; no bad romance here, but the crappy weather needs to end.  It is June and I think we’ve had one day of  hot steamy weather – a record setter no less – and that is all.  The average temp for May was 57 degrees!  That’s just not right.

We have had lots of rain though with back to back months (Apr/May) dumping 5+ inches of rain each.  Most of the farmers managed to get their crops in.  Cyndie and I saw a few yesterday still planting.  The wet and cold weather has put a damper on our yard plans and has delayed many a project.  Just like the farmers, we have managed to push through and get most everything done. One of the vegetable gardens is in along with an herb garden.  We have one more garden planned that will hopefully get done soon – ambition willing.  This season we are all about growing food, not lawns.  Makes more sense in the grand scheme of things.  With a hilly yard, this is a complete no-brainer.

One more rainy week by us and hopefully some sunny ones to come.  This last week started out with a bang – a few of them.  I was met with accidents on my commute both Monday and Tuesday.  You really can’t get upset about the backup in traffic because that very easily could be you, but it still is a bugger.  I figured it was an opportunity to take [some blurry] pictures.  I hope you all had a good week; enjoy your weekend.


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