Southwest MN – #1 The To and From

After a short drive to drop off the furry kids at grandma’s house, we set out for Southwest, MN – specifically Pipestone, MN.  I’ve wanted to make this in-state journey for some time now and just haven’t gotten around to it.

Back in-the-day, when I would travel anywhere, it was balls to wall (just recently learned the origin of this) with no time spent in between stopping for anything.  These days, when Cyn and I travel, I look for most any excuse to take a back road or generally deviate from the prescribed path the GPS has set forth.  We stop for bakery’s, ice cream, antique stores, nursery & greenhouses, interesting small towns – we’ve managed to create an exhaustive list of excuses to stop.  More often than not, we just stumble upon fun, interesting, and often times tasty things.  For all these reasons, if the route says 2 hours, you can count on it taking use at least 4 hours.  After all, it is all about the journey.

This is the first of five post detailing our recent excursion to Southwest Minnesota and as the title states, these are the shots heading to and back home from Pipestone, MN.

Southwest MN series [#1 The To and From] [#2 Gibbon, MN] [#3 Pipestone National Monument] [#4 Blue Mound State Park] [#5 Morton, MN Monuments]


7 Replies to “Southwest MN – #1 The To and From”

  1. The list of excuses to stop does continue to grow and never seems to get tiring 🙂 Great start to the journey – To watch you find (or spy you trying to hide) a great find is almost always entertaining.

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