Southwest MN – #2 Gibbon, MN

Gibbon is situated along the Western edge of the Sibley County boarder.  This small town of just under 800 has character much like others in the region.  Most notable is its village hall that was built in 1895 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

WCpaintTINCyndie and I spent some time wandering about in Diana and Lyle Bad Dog Antiques and Other Attractions (1059 1st Avenue Gibbon, Minnesota 55335).  This place definitely had some character.  The proprietor was very proud of his wife’s enormous collection of watercolor paint tins.  It was quite large.  I never knew people collected such things.  I guess you can collect just about anything.

The state bank sign also caught our eyes; not only for it’s eye-catching sea foam green color, but also it’s simple and clean design.

Southwest MN series [#1 The To and From] [#2 Gibbon, MN] [#3 Pipestone National Monument] [#4 Blue Mound State Park] [#5 Morton, MN Monuments]


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