2013: Week #24 Photography

Finally some palatable weather.  I never tire of the blue skies and puffy clouds.

Nicer weather means getting back into the yard and finishing some things up…or getting them closer to completion.  A freshly installed spigot on the front side of the house will open up new opportunities in the front yard no doubt.  The backyard is getting closer to completion as well.  Cyndie has all the photos of or work wrangled together.  It has been quite the transformation.  I look forward to seeing them altogether in the near future.  In the meantime, here are my shots from this last week.   All are from my weekday commutes as I have been very busy in the yard; in fact, I am headed out to do some more work in the yard.  Enjoy the beautiful day everyone!


2 Replies to “2013: Week #24 Photography”

  1. So often I see potential ‘shots’ on my everyday journeys..would love to set up a camera that I could safely use from car!! Not always possible to stop. Maybe a bicycle would be a better form of transport? haha

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