Elmwood, Wisconsin

Elmwood is a seemingly quiet village situated in the Northeastern corner of Pierce County, Wisconsin.  Pierce is full of many picturesque creek and river valleys.  The Eau Galle River runs through this town from West to East; eventually spilling into Chippewa River and then on to the mighty Mississippi.

Small town character and charm abound around every corner.  Not to be overlooked, Big Dicks on Main and be sure to catch the Frog Show at the public library right next store or take in story time at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays.  The Auditorium in Elmwood is currently or was at one time home to the Police Department, Village Hall and Bowling Alley.  The bid deal with Elmwood, though, is its annual UFO Days festival held the final weekend of July.

The local interest in UFOs, according Howard Blum’s book, Out There: the government’s secret quest for extraterrestrials, comes because of many, many unexplained things that have been seen over the years by what appear to be solid, level-headed locals. A secret UFO Working Group of government officials investigated the stories, choosing Elmwood because of the persistence of the sightings. Blum is a former NY Times journalist who learned the government was investigating potential security threats from extraterrestrials and wrote a book about it.


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