Backyard Update

Making progress.  Some much need path work has been completed…well mostly.  The connecting route to Wiener Road will need a board walk with steps built, but that can wait for a later date.  A couple of weekends back we hauled in the limestone to finish this second.  All that remained was placing the limestone stepping-stones and filling in the voids with pea gravel.

DSC_7621 DSC_7619 DSC_7618

The path from the patio to the garden shed was originally going to be pavers – an audible was called though and they were used for the construction of Wiener Road instead.  This path instead begins with pavers and then transitions to pea gravel with flat limestone stepping-stones.


I came to a realization yesterday afternoon that the hammock worked better on the big patio instead of the specific patio that was created for it.  The two-person glider now reside there overlooking the pond.


The fire pit needs some attention to tie that area into the foreground and the other side by the garden shed.  Mostly edgers, patio block and some more pea gravel.  If the materials are located, the green house make be in the area to the left of the garden shed 🙂 we’ll see.


Here are a few more pics.  Flowers are staring to bloom and the blue berries are coming along nicely.


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