Revisited – May/June 2013

Oops.  I completely forgot about reviewing my May 2013 photography.  I’ll just chalk it up to being a crazy Spring.  It has been a solid couple of good photography months.  In reviewing albums, 12/May & 13/June, I see we covered some ground.

The first part of may we still had snow (lots of it) and on Mother’s Day we saw flurries at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.  The weather finally warmed up and we put lots of hour into yard work.

I can’t believe June is gone already.  Cyn and I had a great trip to SW Minnesota, we did a photo shoot for a special project, hit the St. Paul Farmer’s market again, did some back roadin’ and some more yard work.

Just like that…July is here and the year is half over.  Time sure flies.

Here are my B&W conversion picks from May/June 2013; I hope you enjoy them and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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Comments are always welcome and very much appreciated

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