4th of July Drive

DSC_4337It was a day like many others, except it was a holiday and no work – love those kind of days.  Nothing you have to do and no where you have to be.  You can never have enough we time.  I am very fond of we time with my lil grape crush, Cyn.  We very much enjoy our country drives.  Most often we simply wander until it is time to head back for home.  Most of the time we have no destination in mind – more so a general area.  Today was no different.  We took the back roads down toward the familiar Weaver bottoms and the Whitewater River.  It was a beautiful day, nice weather and great company.  The girls were with too.  They love a nice long car ride.

Here are some photos of our 4th of July drive.  More of the wonderful same country roads and scenery it affords.  Happy weekend all!


4 Replies to “4th of July Drive”

  1. A great gallery of country shots. Thanks for the inspiration to look through my barn shots to see if any are calling to be posted. 🙂

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