Minnesota North Shore – Temperance River State Park

Temperance River is the fifth state park you will encounter along the shore.  George Crosby Manitou is the fourth, but we missed it.  I’ll chalk our drive-by up to the park not being right off Hwy 61.  We will have to catch it next trip.

In 1957, Minnesota organized 539 acres into the Temperance River State Park.  This park is a gorgeous.  The river plunges through a narrow gorge just before reaching Lake Superior; the surround tails provide ample opportunities for viewing the wonderous water.  There are several miles of hiking trails to explore and direct access to the Superior Hiking Trail.  The Superior Hiking Trail passes through the park, along the river gorge before climbing to the top of Carlton Peak, almost 1000 feet above Lake Superior.  Two campsites grace the shoreline here, one on either side of the river.


Pierre Esprit Radisson and Medard Chouart, Sier des Groselliers, were probably the first white visitors to the North Shore when they traveled up the shore of Lake Superior during 1660. Along with the Ojibwe Indians, the French controlled the North Shore area until 1763. The first white settlers in the area were probably clerks at American Fur Company posts located along the shore in the 1830s.  It is said the park got its name because, unlike other North Shore streams, the river had no bar at its mouth. At one time, the waters of this particular river flowed so deep and so strong into Lake Superior that there was no build-up of debris. This meant that there was no “bar.” What could you call a river without a bar?  For an appropriate, if slightly tongue-in-cheek selection, “temperance” fits perfectly. The area became a state park in 1957. Campsites on both sides of the river, plus the park’s hiking trails and picnic areas, draw a steady stream of visitors to this North Shore park.

Here are my shots of our visit to Temperance River.

The State Parks:  (1) Gooseberry Falls |(2) Split Rock Lighthouse | (3) Tettegouche | (5) Temperance River | (6) Cascade River | (7) Judge C.R. Magney | (8) Grand Portage


13 Replies to “Minnesota North Shore – Temperance River State Park”

  1. Here’s what I always appreciate about your images besides the fact that they are just plain excellent. You think outside the box, shooting from unusual perspectives, sometimes in detail, sometimes overall. Packaged together, the viewer gets a really good view of the entire scene you’ve photographed, both close-up and overall.

    You are making me long for a trip up North. It’s been too long.

  2. This was an incredible place to see. I would have to admit that I did hold my breath when I saw how you were positioning yourself while capturing some of these images 🙂 I would have to agree with Audrey; the way you capture the whole story and yes, you do think outside the box! Great post honey!

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