Minnesota North Shore – The In-Between, Day 3

Day3Ahhhh beautiful Grand Marais, MN.  This (and points North) is my favorite area of the North Shore.  We got off the beaten path and explored a few forest roads on our way to Judge CR Magney State Park.  The wild flowers were incredible as were the butterflies.  One of the forest road dead-ended out in the middle of nowhere.  That wasn’t terribly convenient and it forced us to backtrack back to where we started.   .It could have been worse; we could be at work 🙂  We had the windows down driving along the forest road just fast enough to stay ahead of the mosquitoes and then…Cyndie was viciously attached by a dragon-fly.  Yep, from out of nowhere a dragon-fly came in the window and landed between the seat and the door.  Cyndie about jumped out of her seat.  The danger was quickly ejected from the vehicle and we continued on our way.

We spent a fair amount of time at Judge CR Magney State Park and generally took it a bit easier than we had in the last two days.  We did set a pretty aggressive pace initially and we were both starting to slow down some.  We arrived in Grand Portage in the early afternoon.  The lodging available is somewhat limited in these parts.  There are plenty of places to stay, but if it is a cabin, you’ll have to stay a minimum of two nights.  We had hoped to stay at Hollow Rock Resort so we could just wake up at sunrise and walk out right onto the shore for sunrise, but the two-day stay stamped that plan out.  The Grand Portage Lodge & Casino is a suitable solution to your one night stay needs.  Hollow Rock Resort is part of the casino and there wasn’t an issue gaining access to do a sunrise shoot there.

We checked in and then explored the surrounding area some as a late afternoon thunderstorm rolled on through.  An early dinner at the Casino and some much-needed shuteye seem like the perfect end of another full day of traveling the North Shore.

Here are my shots of the Minnesota North Shore – The in between, Day 3


3 Replies to “Minnesota North Shore – The In-Between, Day 3”

  1. Great post hon- Oh yeah… the dragon fly 🙂 That thing was breathing fire and was as big as my hand 🙂 The butterflies and the wildflowers were inspiring and it was good to get out and walk amongst them.

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