Irrigation Fascinates Me

I professed this some time ago; you may have already forgotten by now.  I will bring it all back to the surface again and remind you all of my somewhat bizarre attraction.   Irrigation systems fascinate me.  I know part of it the perspective they create as they roll across the farm fields and produce wonderful lines.  Large quantities of water being sprayed everywhere certainly adds to the equation.  They just look cool.  I can’t really explain it much more than that.

All these images were taken today.  You see the tall corn and the tiny corn as well.  A farmer on my commute route just planted corn about a week ago?!?!  I don’t know how that plays out towards the end of July.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time.  Perhaps the crop will just be chopped for silage?  I am not wise to the ways of the farmer.


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