Revisited – July 2013

July was an incredible photography month; perhaps the best on record yet.  I think this was the month both Cyndie and I have been waiting for.    Our back roadin’ activities picked up some, we took a MN North Shore trip and went to Chicago via train.  Back roadin’ is always good, no matter if you find anything to shoot or not, it is just plain relaxing.  The North Shore trip was fantastic given the less-than-ideal weather…or was it?  I think it is pretty difficult to had a bad time along Minnesota’s picturesque North Shore – no matter the season or weather.  If you missed the any of that series here is a recap:




Here are my B&W conversion picks from July 2013.  I hope you enjoy them.  Comments, critique or any other feedback is always welcome and appreciated.


12 Replies to “Revisited – July 2013”

  1. There is something what makes me speechless. Something what makes me interested and something what makes me love it . Really nice black and white photos :
    What kind of camera do you use ?

    1. Thank you!

      The equipment is only part of the equation, with the majority of the credit going to the artist behind the lens. You can have the greatest equipment made today and have no eye for it. Good equipment does help some. I use Nikon cameras: D7000, D200 and D60. I also use Adobe Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 to produce these black & white images.

      1. Yes yes i am totally agree with you . But i was just interested what do you like to use .
        I was just talking another day with my friend and i said the same thing .. Important is your eye and seeing things . 🙂
        Thank you

    1. Thank you Audrey – you are too kind 🙂

      It was just one of those things…you are exactly right…that catches your eye. I immediate wondered who could have so carelessly left their memory behind – or so lazily and irresponsibly left their discarded trash. I saw no one on the breakwater with a Polaroid camera to ask. Those questions will remain unanswered.

  2. It’s good to see increasing appreciation for B&W. I still shoot B&W film occasionally but it is digital and things like Silver Efex that have helped. Great month. Congrats.

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