The Great Minnesota Get Together

The Great Minnesota Get Together, a.k.a, The Great Minnesota Sweat Together or The Great Minnesota Stand In Line Together.

Whatever you want to call it, there are crazy amounts of people who show up and become part of this annual spectacle.  And show up they did.  It wasn’t too bad earlier in the morning, but it exploded around midday.  I expected as much being the first weekend of the fair.  Neither Cyn or I could remember the last time we went or why it had been so long, but it became apparent as the day went on.  It was interesting people watching, but there were just so many of them.  The sheer volume of people was a bit overwhelming.  There was an actual sea of people flowing down the streets.  Trying to make your way through any building was an arduous task at best.  Every direction you turned there was a stroller.  I think the next time I go, I will be riding in one myself.  It certainly looked like the best mode of travel around the fair.

The lines compounded by heat with a big fat dollop of humidity on top didn’t make for a pleasurable experience.  We did enjoy nice cold beers, lemonade and an ice tea.  The only thing deep fried we ate were the pickles – wow those were good.  Mini doughnuts are always a must.  We did manage to make it through most of the livestock barns and the Fine Art building before the number of fair-goers got out of hand.

The sun got high and temp, steamy and our bellies were full; it was time to go.


7 Replies to “The Great Minnesota Get Together”

  1. The deep fried pickles are the best – Just saying 🙂 I love watching you frame up an image and stopping in the right spot at the right time (even if there were thousands of people behind you). Your perspective is beyond amazing! Oh, I’m am just letting you know now… I will NOT be the one pushing you 🙂 Great job honey as usual.

  2. I really hate crowds also… but at many of my shooting events it is inevitable. Hey … is that a really large horse or a very short girl???
    Glad you made it through and got some great event shots.

  3. AWH this made me think about the Iowa State Fair (The biggest and best) The old BUTTER COW…. those were the days! The fair is only fun when your with like 20 people!

  4. That’s why I always go on Tuesday or Wednesday – a lot less people. And…….people need to re-think bringing kids in strollers into big crowds like that. It’s a very significant safety risk – ban them!

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