The house in the woods has eyes!

And a mouth.

Roscoe, MN Abandoned.  Roscoe is a teeny tiny little town that is no more, but once was, in the Southeast corner of Goodhue County.  

I was on my way home from Albert Lea yesterday and spied the broken remnants of house in some woods on the edge of a field.  It was a typical abandoned house.  It does very much look like it has eyes and a mouth…ooOOOoooo spooky.


10 Replies to “The house in the woods has eyes!”

  1. Yes!!!!… this is what keeps the dialog flowing in our SJCC club. We present every month in b/w, color (prints) and digital (open). We also share the take on a place… this is where you and Cindy come in. Because each of us has our own eye… I love to share both of what you two do. Our newer members can then get a visual on how to use what others see and then try and make it their own. Hope you don’t mind me ‘pimpin’ your blogs 🙂

    comBBBecause each of us has our own unique eye

    1. Thanks Mike. I think blogging is an excellent way to explore one’s own photography. Putting it out there for all to see can be frightening for some. No pain -no gain; that certainly applies here. I’ve never been met with any negativity, but I suppose it is possible. I see it at a great learning tool. You have this wonderful tool to express yourself. It only makes sense in my mind to do so. There is a wealth of inspiration out there too by taking in and participating in the blogging community.

      I say Pimp away 🙂

  2. I have this “thing” for abandoned houses, too, although I have not photographed the interiors of any. Maybe I’m too afraid of trespassing or ???

    I always wonder about the people who lived in these houses and why the house was abandoned. More often than not it’s to expand cropland.

  3. We have a derelict village nearby too. Great for photography. It is patrolled by 3 dogs, who bark a lot but I have not yet known to bite. Of course the next step is that the developers want to build a new, bigger, shinier village. I’d rather keep the spooks.

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