Back in the day…

How many times have you heard that saying – “back in the day?”  I used to hear it a lot as kid growing up; now I am the one saying it.  The big 4-0 will soon be upon me my friends.  It is the new 30 right – or do I somehow have that mixed up with something else?  Anyhooo…

I was driving back to the office the other day after a meeting and I spied a Barracuda on the road.  No not the fish, but rather the Plymouth model car so named.  Back in the day, cars had cool names.  What happened to that?  Barracuda is vicious and toothy – literally.  Charger, Challenger, Nova, Cordoba, Dart, Maverick, Grand Torino, Tornado, Lemans, Corvette – sure some are still around, but they just don’t seem to sound the same.

Every time I see one of these classic I immediately think of that 70’s Heart song, also named Barracuda.  Barracuda — that unmistakable guitar riff – dun da da dunnn, dun da da dunnn and then the Barracuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuda.

I was but a wee small lad when that song was released, but I recall it just fine.



8 Replies to “Back in the day…”

  1. It was a great song and the Hemi Cuda was the one to beat ! That is the 426 ci / 425 hp Hemi not the so called Hemi’s they put in cars now. Nice find Dan.

  2. Wait until you are approaching the big 6-0 and knowing it isn’t anything to do with tennis. Real old fogies go back to “no power steering, no synchromesh, crank handles to start the car, split windscreens, etc” . Those were indeed the days.

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